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Easy Ways To Increase Intimacy In Your Relationship

Intimacy in a relationship isn’t just a way for partners to express love amongst themselves, but it’s also a way to keep a relationship fresh and interesting. Unfortunately, some people only categorize intimacy as sexual contact. However, the reality is that intimacy comes in several different forms. If you want to keep your relationship exciting and enticing, visit getting back together and learn how to add more intimacy to your relationship.


One of the best ways to increase intimacy in a dating or marriage relationship is to communicate. Communicating with your partner increases intimacy on their part as well as yours. In terms of the person listening, it shows them that their partner cares about what they have to say. When a person feels like their partner cares about their feelings, it can increase their love and make them feel more comfortable in the relationship.

In terms of the person who is listening, communicating with their partner gives them the opportunity to learn about their partner on a deeper level, which can also increase their happiness in the relationship.

Schedule Alone Time

It’s also important for two people in a relationship to spend alone time together. Although people who have excessive professional obligations and personal and family obligations, like children, often find this a challenge, it’s important to try to work this alone time into the schedule.

Alone time allows you and your partner to connect on a more intimate and personal level without the distractions of outside influences. Contrary to incorrect Relationship Advice, alone time doesn’t have to be something as grand as a private vacation. Even putting the children to bed thirty minutes earlier so that you and your partner can enjoy a meal together is a way to spend private time together.


Compromising is also a great way to add intimacy to a relationship. Compromising shows the other person that their partner cares enough about them to do what they want to do and that they are willing to put the other person’s feelings above their own.

Compromise doesn’t have to be something as significant as telling your spouse that they can go out and purchase something large like a boat. Some relationship advice experts highlight the fact that compromise is just as beneficial if it’s something as small as allowing your partner to choose what the two of you will eat for dinner.

Keeping your eyes and ears open for helpful marriage advice can help not only repair any issues within your relationship, but also help you increase intimacy and build your marriage to new heights. Even if you feel like your marriage is in excellent shape, helpful tips from a professional is always beneficial. Make sure you are getting your relationship all the help it needs.